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Box Quality:
Are our moving boxes strong?
We sell corrugated moving boxes that are 200#/ECT-32 (edge crush test) which is equivalent to 200 lb. test. This test meets all the accepted industry standards and is in accordance with the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper(Item 222/Rule41). Our wardrobe boxes and dish boxes are doublewall corrugated and the tv/electronics boxes are double wall corrugated for even more protection.
Are our boxes brand new?   
We sell only brand new moving boxes of the highest quality.

Do we have to be home to receive our boxes?
Yes, we ask that you be home when the driver arrives unless special arrangements have been made.

How do we pay?
We accept cash or check at this time.  We ask that you make payment arrangements at the call center or the driver will accept your payment at delivery time.

Do you have used boxes?
We have used, misprints and overrun boxes sometimes. 

Do you always deliver?
We always deliver your boxes.  We always have a driver.

407 382-9913

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